How The Influence Of An Astrologist Can Change Your Entire Life

Are you having bad luck and is failure becoming your shadow? Well, it is common for people to feel devastated and give up in situations like these, but with the right astrologer and the correct counseling, you can turn around your life from that very standpoint. If you need the best life coaching counseling in Mumbai, then there is no one better than Dr. Prem Gupta. Respected and loved by followers all over the world, he provides numerous services like consultation, puja anushthan, numerology, etc. authentic professional astrology services often don’t turn out to be beneficial for the clients, but from DR. Prem Gupta, followers have received a lot of help and life-altering advice.

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Services Provided By Dr. Prem Gupta –

  • Vastu Consultancy – The Vastu Shastra services offered by him are highly beneficial and effective, and consulting an advisor like Dr. Prem Gupta is surely going to help you with all of your troubles. He helps his clients to create an environment which ensures congenial living and working conditions. This ensures the person’s spiritual well being, happiness, prosperity, wealth, health, etc. while providing the Vastu Shastra consultants make sure to consider the features of the residence in which the person is living, and the commercial availabilities are researched and studied closely to give the best possible advice. The location and surroundings also play a major role in vastu sashtra.
  • Face Reading – The face reading of a person helps him or her to understand the effects of the various events and also the various concerns that are present in one’s personal life. It also helps to determine the success of professional as well as personal career. If you want to know about the major variation in the thinking patterns that you have, so if you are ignorant about the problems that you have, a face reading consultant like Dr. Prem Gupta will make all the cloud go away.
  • Astrology – Astrology for love life marriage advice is also provided by him. Have you been single for too long? Or is your relationship in a mess? Consult Dr. Prem Gupta and follow his advice to get effective results in no time. This ancient power which he has combines with the extensive knowledge and proficiency is sure to make your marriage and love related problems go away. So why life in constant depression when you can simply visit him and make things a lot better in your life. The consultation for marriage problem works like wonder among couples and heals relationships.

So apart from these services, the numerous other services provided by him include numerology counseling, palmistry, Jeevan Utsav, corporate services, and a lot more. So whatever might be your problem, with the right astrologer all of it can go away. Finding an authentic astrologer is also hard in Mumbai, and you might fall for the frauds. So wait no more, visit Dr.Prem Gupta today and get an exceptional life-altering advice.


Be Acquainted with the Numerous Rules of Vastu Shastra

Is your home vastu compliant? Are you facing issues at home? The design, structure and placement of your home have immense power over

your life. It has the power to manipulate and design the affairs of your life. Vastu shastra, an ancient belief system used for

architectural and design purposes, has the ability to redress any issues present and find a resolution for it.

How does Vastu Shastra work?

The universe is composed of five elements- earth, air, fire, water and space. It is the balance of these five elements that determine

the harmony present in the universe. Moreover, from these five elements, the body of human receives internal energy that transforms

into protein, fat, etc. and external energy in the form of heat, light, sound, etc.

According to vastu shastra consultants, the disturbance in harmony among any of these elements results in the dissipation of the

energy in all directions. As a result, it culminates in stress, ill health and affects the well-being of an individual. Vastu rules

and principles restore balance between these elements and helps preserve peace.

The reliance of Vastu on direction and its relation to the elements

Depending on the design of the house, Vastu Shastra determines the course of your life. Vastu depends heavily on direction to adjudge

and redress the existing issues. These directions correspond to each of the five elements.


• The northeast corresponds to water.
• Northwest is corresponds to air.
• The centre is allocated to space.
• The Southeast resembles fire.
• Southwest is assigned to earth.

Effects of Vastu Dosh

Vastu dosh is defined as the deficiency present in any of the five directions stated above that might cause problems in your life. A

vastu consultancy evaluates such deficiencies and advices you on ways to resolve it.

While defects in the northeast direction causes family and business disputes, financial issues, accidents, defects in the north-west

causes legal problems and enmity. While the defects in south-east direction cause fear, degrading health, absence of peace. Whereas,

defects in south-west direction cause excess expenditure, work problems and so on.

Some general Vastu rules to follow:

• Dig a bore well or place a water tank in the northeast direction.
• If there is an unmarried girl present in your house, then assign a room to the North West.
• Keep the centre free from any activity.
• Assign the kitchen to the south-east corner.
• Place your master bedroom in the south-west corner.
• For a puja room, you can opt for a northeast corner.

Opt for a vastu consultant Mumbai to eliminate vastu dosh

The presence of vastu dosh is probably what’s stopping your life from experiencing the happiness and success along the way. A

consultant can help resolve such problems. A consultant reviews your home, evaluates the persisting problems and provides solution to

get rid of such problems. Moreover, they even take into consideration your astrology as it plays a major role in your life.

Vastu is a Vedic practice, the wisdom of which has been handed down through generations in India. By simply adopting such simple

principles, the quality of life can be modified immensely for the better.


In How Many Ways can the Best Vastu Shastra Agency in Mumbai Help?

Over the years, in India, the craze for Vastu Shastra has grown more steadily. A large portion of the people believe in vastu shastra as they believe that it can modify and dictate the atmosphere of their home, office, plot, etc. The importance of vastu shastra is undeniable as it maintains a balance between the elements to promote well-being and has been effective for time immemorial. Thus, the need to search for the best vastu shastra agency in Mumbai is ever so rising.

One of the reasons why it is so popular is because Vastu Shastra is backed by science. Based on climatology, a vastu shastra consultancy in Mumbai helps discern facts about a particular construction that would facilitate prosperity and encourage healthy living.

Dr. Prem Gupta Vastu

How does a vastu shastra company in Mumbai help?

The contribution of vastu shastra is undeniable. However, in order for it to be effective, it is necessary to follow the methods, rules, etc. associated with it. Understanding vastu shastra on your own can be incredibly overwhelming. In such times, it is essential to opt for the help of a vastu shastra specialist.

The best vastu shastra company in Mumbai helps:

  • By guiding through the construction process.
  • To understand the various rules of vastu.
  • By suggesting ways to improve the positive energy in the building and eradicating the negative energy.
  • By providing the best vastu solution compliant with your building that would help solve your issues.

The numerous benefits of vastu shastra

The benefits derived from vastu shastra are various. Listed below are some of these:

Strengthens the spirit

Vastu shastra is all about strength. The structure of the space is so designed that it promotes a strong mental and physical well-being that makes life happier. It provides the much needed comfort for the spirit to overcome obstacles and lead a successful life.

An effective way to use space

One of the best features of Vastu Shastra is that it is a part of architecture. The basis of architecture ensures that the space is used up in the most efficient way possible that would enhance your welfare. The position and placement of furniture and rooms are logically and scientifically supported combined with the powers of nature and elements.

Harnesses positive energy

Vastu shastra harnesses positive energy and negates the presence of negative energy. It is the presence of negative energy that brings down your success, happiness and so on. By proper placement of rooms and ensuring entry of sun rays into each of these spaces, the elimination of negative energy takes place.

Encourages success

If success is on your mind, then vastu shastra will help combat all the obstacles present. It will enhance your personality by making use of the positive energy harnessed and help trump all obstacles in your path to success.

Creates a sense of harmony

In one’s life, mental peace is ever so important. However, due to the presence of negative energy, disputes erupt which disturbs the harmony of the space. With Vastu shastra, such problems can be easily resolved.

Vastu shastra is a science that has much relevance in present times. With so many problems persisting, opting for the best vastu shastra service in Mumbai is the only credible thing to follow to resolve such problems.

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How Does a Jeevan Parivartan Counselling Help You?

jeevan parivartan

Indian people bequeath a great stack of belief to Jeevan Parivartan Counselling. In fact, there exists a fair number of agencies across India known to present its inhabitants with such horoscopic sessions. Amongst all of them, Mumbai ranks right up there in having the best ones.

It’s also pretty clear to say that importance of the best astrology service in Mumbai is known to most people in India. The counsellor helps his/her clients empty their minds and make them listen to his/her words properly without evaluations, approvals, invalidation, consideration or suppression.

Its True Purpose:

The purpose of such best jeevan parivartan counselling in Mumbai is to make clients understand their own mental state, emotions, feelings. They make them listen and comprehend how it influences things or decisions and suddenly disappears.

  • Top astrology counselling in Mumbai enable their clients to be reflective and learn to ways to observe their mind without flinching.
  • Clearing their client’s mind, such sessions will help them communicate their thoughts better.
  • Most importantly, courtesy the best astrology counselling in Mumbai aids locals eradicate their ‘end state of mind’ which causes avoidance, anger and other mental adversities they are normally unaware of. Instead, it will infiltrate their minds with concepts of mindfullness, awareness, openness and non-polarization.

‘The starts always influence but never compel and a wise individual will never obey like fools. Rather they will rule like rulers.’

A good Jeevan Parivartan session from notable Mumbai agencies will enlighten clients about the process of reflection. Which in raw definition denotes-Becoming aware of all different meanings which one attributes at the time of thinking.

Gawking at some more purposeful perks!

  • Top astrologers aid in giving their clients a profound understanding which field of vocation will present them with the best money making prospects.
  • Relationship-wise, the Best Astrology Agency in Mumbai will elucidate their clients about ways to make their relationship stronger. All relationships under easy and difficult times at some point of their longevity. With such counselling sessions, one will learn how to balance out the shines and rains by sticking to their partners.
  • Furthermore, with such counselling sessions, one will also be able to know the best time to launch their new products. Or for that matter get into new deals or negotiations. Plus, through such sessions, they will learn how to get along with their business partners for long term basis.
  • Lastly, those finding it difficult to deal with their own ill-habits will also know all those hidden secrets to leading a better life.

These are some of the clear benefits one receives when taking up a jeevan parivartan counselling in Mumbai. However, one should remember that one can only get the best out such sessions if they stay synched with their own heart. They will only be able to help if one is clear in thoughts and is willing to open up to them. Otherwise, no matter how qualified a counsellor is, their sessions would not make any difference. Go open up the heart, be willing to share things, thoughts, feelings and use the guidance which these professionals present.

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Dr. Prem Gupta on Vastu

Dr. Prem Gupta talks about the day before Ekadashi. He moves ahead speaking about Vastu and its relation to our parliament, which is circular in shape. This circular shape is not good for any construction in terms of Vastu.

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